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Embrace your seafaring side and throw a nautical theme party for Labor Day

Evite nautical themed invitations
Evite nautical themed invitations
Photo from Evite, used with permission

Labor Day is this weekend and it's the unofficial end of summer so of course that means one last final blowout! Ditch the recyclable red, white and blue decorations that you have left over from the 4th of July and do something different instead. One of the bet things about summer is spending time in or around the water (pools, beaches, lakes etc.) so how about throwing a nautical themed party instead?

Nautical themes have been a hot trend for summer in fashion for the last few years so you’re guests will definitely have the right attire! Aside from the guests though, let's discuss your decorations. According to Jessica Bailey, Evite's party stylist, 'having a theme for your party just makes it easier to decorate' and with a nautical theme you can still do white and blue mixed just add orange or coral instead. Simple ways to decorate include making sailboats out of blue and white origami an paper, that can be used as place cards or garlands, paint wooden spoons to look like oars and mason jars wrapped with rope (for decorations, to drink from or to place candles in) give your party that added special touch. To create an inexpensive table cloth, use a drop cloth, fabric paint and paint tape and follow these directions. Purchase some inexpensive seashells that can be left as is or spray painted white to decorate your table along with the mason jars and rope. Put away the comfy chairs and instead use distressed crates for your guests to sit on.

Now that you have your theme and an idea on how to decorate, it's time for the invitations. No need to go searching all over the internet or trying to create your own. Just head on over to Evite. At Evite you will find the perfect nautical invitation to match your that is fully customizable. Some of the invitations are free but for pennies you can opt for premium styled invitations too.

When it comes to food you definitely want to stay with the theme so think fish! Grilled Tilapia with Pineapple Salsa is quick and easy to make or go with something totally different like Grilled Stuffed Clams. Used stale bread that has been cut out into shapes of life preserves or other nautical shapes using cookie cutters and toasted for crab salad dippers. For side snacks get creative and instead of chips and dip used your cookie cutters to make stars with pita and serve with a tropical hummus dip like a Thai Coconut Hummus or a Spicy Sriracha Mango Hummus. Turn deviled eggs, stuffed zucchini or stuffed jalapeno peppers into sailboats and canoes by cutting peppers into triangles shapes to mimic a sail. Even every day foods like hotdogs can be made nautical (turn them into octopus if you think outside of the box!

A party isn't a party without a signature drink. For your nautical themed Labor Day party serve up some sea worthy drinks like a Ocean Breeze for the women and a Cabin Cooler which is a bit stouter alcohol wise for the men. For the children or the none drinkers at your party whip up some WaveBender and serve in a punch bowl with orange and lemon twists for garnish. For a simpler fare, whip up some homemade sangria or limoncello.

Lastly dessert! Think lemon sand dollar cookies, anchor rice krispie treats, oyster with a pearl inside macaroons and square shortbread cookies that have been painted to represent international maritime flags. For a cake idea use a two layer round cake (try blue velvet cake!) to resemble a life preserver with the center cut out and painted white and red. If you prefer cupcakes, paint your cupcakes blue and arrange to look like an anchor and decorate with rope or serve cupcakes decorated with edible sand and seashells. For a fruity light dessert use blue jello in clear cups with mandarin sailboats or use sand molds to create a jello 'sand castle'.

For more inspiration and ideas make sure you visit Evite. Evite is a social planning website where you can create, send and manage online invitations and so much more. Don't forget to also check out their Emag by clicking here. For recipes just click on the links and click through the slide show for inspiration pictures!

What are your plans for Labor Day? Leave a comment and let's discuss!

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