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Embrace your inner geek


The Fall 2009 runways were filled to the brim with the "Geek Chic" look.  Rivers Cuomo, photo courtesy of Vh1  This look is great for Fall and Winter due to the emphasis on layers.  It's understandable that most men don't want anything to do with something that is described as "chic," so for all intents and purposes, it shall be noted as "Geek Cool." 

Geek Cool has been slowly making its way mainstream.  It started where most fashion trends do these days, the streets.  Artists and musicians have embraced this look for decades, and usually only the fringe of the fashionably creative appreciated the look.  Now designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, DSquared2, and Band of Outsiders have embraced their inner geek.

The look  is emphasized by thick, dark rimmed glasses, bow-ties, cardigan sweaters, plaid dress shirts, and retro suits that are reminiscent of Buddy Holly and the sixties.  Not only is this fashion trend stylish, but most of the small trends contained in the larger picture are classic accessories and garments that you will get your well earned money out of.  For example, dark plastic frames such as Ray Ban's original Wayfarers are a classic style that will always look sharp.

Geek cool must be finessed depending on your age.  Men in their twenties and early thirties can pick up every detail of this trend if they so choose.  For work, a v-neck sweater, collared shirt, and bow-tie will pull together a professional look that is not only comfortable, but fashionable as well.  For a night out, dress up the bow-tie and the collared shirt with a well-fitted blazer and high polished loafers like Ryan, 27.   Photo by Steve StarrRyan was dressed for the Spring/Summer 2010 Show for New York designer Yigal Azrouël at Saks 5th Avenue.  While Ryan is wearing a bow-tie,   v-neck sweater, collared shirt, and a blazer, he's balanced the look out with jeans.  This is a great example of how to make the trends work for you.

Men in their late thirties and older should consider using only one or two trends at a time.  The classic glasses, if you need them, look good at any age.  However, instead of wearing cardigan sweaters, stick to v-neck sweaters instead.  Cardigans can actually make you look older, which is the last thing anyone wants.  Bow-ties are out of the question for the over forty crowd 95% of the time.  Like cardigans, they tend to age the wearer.  Opt instead for a skinny neck tie.

As you pick up trends, remember that your personal style is the most important thing to consider.  Dressing fashionably adds interest to your style and way of dress.  However, don't wear something that you feel uncomfortable in.  Those around you will sense that you've stepped out of your comfort zone, and that will detract from your overall je ne sais quoi.  Don't worry about breaking the bank, either.  Geek Cool has become popular enough to be carried at stores such as The Gap, H&M, and Urban Outfitters.


  • Merilee Refvem 5 years ago

    Great article about Geek Cool--hey, Ryan--lookin' good!!

  • Tiffany McEwen 5 years ago

    If only more men in Denver would embrace their inner geek. Hopefully because of your amazing insight, more men will embrace this trend.