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Embrace the gift of Counsel, the Pope says

Images from the Election of Pope Francis on March 13th, 2013
Images from the Election of Pope Francis on March 13th, 2013
Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Pope Francis said in his Wednesday Audience today that through the gift of Counsel from the Holy Spirit, we can learn to be docile to the Holy Spirit as opposed to being attached to our own ideas. “It illuminates our heart and makes us more sensitive to the voice of the Spirit, so that we do not get carried away in our thoughts, feelings and intentions by selfishness or our own way of looking at things, but by the will of God,” the Holy Father said at the Angelus today. "Counsel is the gift with which the Holy Spirit helps us to make decisions in our concrete lives, following the logic of Jesus and his Gospel, God enlightens our hearts and directs our thoughts, words and actions in accordance with his saving will,” the Pope explained.

Pope Francis says that we should embrace the spiritual gift of Counsel.
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Through the Holy Spirit's gift of Counsel, we can “grow in the virtue of prudence, learning to overcome our self-centeredness and to see all things with the eyes of Christ,” Francis said, saying that it “leads us to conform more and more to Jesus, as a model of our actions and our relation with God, and with our brothers.”

“What can we do to be more docile to this gift of Counsel? The essential condition is prayer," the Pope declared. “Thanks to the intimacy with God and to the hearing of his Word, a profound harmony with God matures in us and leads us to ask ourselves constantly: What is it that the Lord desires? What is his will? What is it that pleases him?” The Holy Father also expressed gratitude to members of 30 families from Switzweland present for yesterday's Swiss Guard swearing-in ceremony.