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Embrace Summer Beach Hair With Drybar's Mai Tai Sea Salt Spray

Drybar Mai Tai Sea Salt Spray
Drybar Mai Tai Sea Salt Spray
Drybar Mai Tai Sea Salt Spray

Curly girl for life!

I am so excited about summer and being able to rock my beach waves as they were intended to be - perfect!

I have tried every single curly product ever made and I can honestly say I am confident that I found one of the best - Drybar's Mai Tai Spritzer - Sea Salt Spray ($25).

Their mantra "No Beach. No Problem!" is speaking to me big time! I need to be able to have my beachy waves under any circumstance.

What I like to do to achieve the best looking waves is of course wash my hair, and as I get out of the shower make sure I leave a little extra water in my hair (don't squeeze out!) As I step onto my bath mat, I turn and face the shower. I shake my hair (like a dog - seriously it's not sexy) and pat it with a towel at the same time. Once I come back up I toss in a little foam gel and then lots of sea salt spray! I make a mini messy bun with the top half of my hair on the top of my head so that it can air dry perfectly in sections... or sometimes when I am super lazy I just sleep on it and it comes out perfect.

And boy does it last! As of yesterday I was on day 3 (believe it!) of my beach waves and no one was the wiser. I honestly think I could have worn them for another day if I had tried. And unlike other products which make my hair crunchy and tangled -- this allows for me to have perfectly formed soft waves, that somehow don't frizz... magic!

And guess what, the Mai Tai is made with real sea salt so it makes you feel as if you are fresh off the beach! Enjoy!