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Embrace Pet Insurance Podcast: Dr. Patrick Mahaney on Winter Dangers

Just in time for mid-winter’s deep chill, here's a relevant podcast collaboration with Embrace Pet Insurance president Laura Bennett. This podcast covers the harsh effects winter has on our pets’ health. See: Dr. Patrick Mahaney on Winter Dangers (click link to hear the podcast on the Embrace website).

It was rather a chilly 8 degrees here this morning in sunny Cleveland so it made me think of my podcast with Dr Mahaney on winter dangers. Here are the questions we discuss:

Carrie: pancreatitis is common during the holidays due to dietary indiscretions; eating holiday decorations; stranger fear if a pet is anxious. Any other holiday dangers to watch out for?

Adrienne: How about the hidden dangers pets may encounter in a snow-covered landscape - whether at home or out hiking on a trail or in the woods. And how can you tell if your pet may be getting too cold when they are outside.

Jessica: what can you do to protect paws of dogs that refuse to wear boots?

Jessica: I have a "winter" emergency kit in my car for myself....what items should be standard for a canine kit?

Chrissy: can Dr Patrick reiterate the danger of antifreeze? It takes such a small amount to be fatal.

In his answer, Dr Mahaney mentions Musher's Secret, a dense, paw barrier made of natural wax.

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