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Embrace life

Baltimore sunset
Baltimore sunset
Sean Jackson

Ok I know what you’re thinking. That’s not happening. I have more bills than I care to count. My job is anything but stable. My marriage is not going so great. Let me get some of these problems fixed then I’ll meet you on the happy train.

But that isn’t how it works.

Faith is easiest to embrace when everything is going well. When money is in the bank, you do what you love, then everything is golden. It’s when we’re down, it’s when we’re uncertain of the future, is when we need to trust God more than ever.

Embrace God in the chaos and he’ll pull us through.

God wants to see we can put our faith in Him regardless of our circumstances. Placing faith in Him gives us the freedom to be happy. Just remember:

God works for the good of those who love him.

If God is in control, we can have confidence in knowing that we have amazing things in store. This should give us reason to wake up every morning, happy, energized, and ready to embrace life. Don’t wait for your problems to go away.

When one problem is solved another is around the corner.

The bottom line is we’re always going to have problems that can keep us down, distracted, even depressed. When our mindset focuses on God, we have peace in knowing God will take care of it, regardless of how impossible the situation is.

God wants us to enjoy life, to be happy, and to trust Him. God knows we’re happiest when we’re at peace, and the only time we’re at peace is when we trust him.

Most of us are going through times of uncertainty. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning and instead of focusing on problems be eager to see what God has in store for us?

Each day is another chance for opportunity, another chance to embrace life.

I remember reading a story about a cross country race. The writer raved at the brand new course, the pillow soft quality of the sod, the spotless lake the trail wrapped around. After the race the writer asked a runner what he thought about the course. The runner turned to him and said, “I didn’t pay much attention, I was just trying to finish the race.”

Don’t forget to enjoy life.

God has given us these valuable moments to enjoy everything He’s given us. Sure there will be times that are tough, but it is in those times are faith is being tested. If we embrace these trials and turn them into opportunity, we can have a much better outlook and even pull through these tough times even quicker.

What do we have to lose?


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