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Embrace it

Shampoo and Conditioner
Shampoo and Conditioner

When it comes to buying hair products, it could be a huge debacle that no one saw coming. Figuring out what product to buy could be like ordering something off a fast food menu. If your hair is straight how do you keep it like that? “I would like a glossy serum with an extra large hair spray and an expensive flat iron.” Wavy hair; “I would like a soft gel that is not too crunchy or to flaky, but soft but not something that is going to weigh my hair down” etc. It is really hard to stand and look at row after row of hair products and exactly know what to buy. What would take care of the problem? A universal product that would do the trick every. single. time. Alas, this is not the case. Each hair type has their own product to achieve that certain look. Embrace what you've got no matter how straight, wavy, curly or anything in between it might be. Lets start with the basics. First thing to do is wash that beautiful mane of yours. Find a shampoo that is for your hair type. Stay away from anything in the grocery store because generally anything in there is counterfeit product. If you look on the back of most professional products that you find in the grocery, it even says that it can be counterfeit and is only guaranteed if purchased in a salon. Listen to your stylist, she is the professional. She has spent hours and hours going to school and learning the profession.