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Emanuel Cleaver renews faith in people helping people in Kansas City

Emanuel Cleaver assists woman in 44th and Troost area
Emanuel Cleaver assists woman in 44th and Troost area

Former Mayor and Minister, Congressman Cleaver renews faith in people helping people in Kansas City

Former Mayor/Minister and now Congressman Cleaver renewed faith this week in people assisting people regardless of circumstances in Kansas City this week. Emanuel Cleaver has long been known in Kansas City as a minister, Mayor and now Congressman in Washington – this week we saw Emanuel Cleaver doing what a person does to assist another in need, regardless of the circumstances and outcome.

The area of 44th and Troost in Kansas City is more known for being a violent area of this city, rather than being a location of a good Samaritan to another in need. After passing a ditch and noticing a hand in the air, rather than just passing and calling for assistance, Mr. Cleaver has his driver circle back to find a woman who had slipped into unconsciousness, staying with her until emergency medical help could arrive and transport the woman for help.

What are the chances a congressman from Washington would be passing through a high crime area of Kansas City, come across a woman moments before becoming unconscious, with a high probability that if he had not seen/stopped – she would now be another Kansas City statistic of crime or forgotten in the backlog of emergency response without a positive outcome?

The universe is always in motion with timing being precise in probabilities and variables more finely tuned than the precision of a clock. Some will see this as coincidence. I see this as synchronicity in motion when eyes are open and aware in a nano-second of time open to response. If Emanuel Cleaver happened to be looking the other direction out of the car window when passing the ditch, the moment would have been lost. If he chose to call for EMT’s and go about his own journey, possibly the cause and affect would have limited the ability to save this woman. If he had chosen to ignore for potential personal safety, unaware in limited lighting of the day as to others being close with criminal intent, his own life would have been in jeopardy. What the universe did do – is create a glance from a person – already being known to respond.

This same pattern is the fabric of all lives in this world, if we choose to be present and available to not only ourselves, but also others. Becoming aware of all moments in life, rather than propelling into times, which are yet to exist, brings a connective fabric of all humanity. Acts of human kindness affect all who become aware of the act – ten fold. A light of hope shined at 44th and Troost with Emanuel Cleaver, for not only himself as he said this could be the best day of his year, but also for all knowing so much more is possible if we give hope a chance. Live with your eyes and hope wide open to your spiritual journey as the synchronicity of living will never fail you.


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