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Email Verification Software; What Is It And Why You Need It?

Email Verification software is software that checks email addresses against domain names to ensure that they are valid addresses. It is also made to look for malicious emails that may harm you, your computer and or business!

Verifying email addresses from the start is very important. It will save you a lot of time and frustration in the future. It eliminates the need to confirm emails so you don’t have to waste time doing it yourself. Email verification software helps companies reach customers quickly and efficiently while also improving communication to your customers or whatever your needs for email are. For an example on how the software works. As an email database grows, it may have an increased number of invalid email addresses too.

Invalid email addresses in your mailing list can result in ISP’s to prevent from sending too many emails at once. This is guaranteed to happen over time just due to the fact that people make mistakes like domain names that don’t exist, typos and changed email addresses. It is really that simple. Email verification software can eliminate this problem.

Here’s how the software works. A syntax check will be done. A syntax check is the process by which SAS checks each SAS statement for correct usage, correct grammar, and proper SAS naming. The software also checks the availability of certain email addresses. An important reason why you need Email Verification Software is to remove bouncing emails (an email message that has been returned to the sender and is permanently undeliverable.) Emails are bounced due to invalid addresses and using an email verification software eliminates the extra bandwidth used on invalid email addresses.

A good email verification / validation tool is ServiceObjects Email Verification Software. They offer many great email validation services such as filtering out the invalid emails or finding demographic information from just knowing a simple email address. An example of what their email validation service can do is it corrects, standardizes and also determines if addresses are fraudulent. Then an email score will be assigned to each email. There email insight is a real time web service API. It provides companies in-depth information about demographic makeup of their email lists. Data points are returned and will include their location general estimate of their age, gender, income, education, address type and homeowner status also home market value.

Email Verification Software can be very important to use in your business. The importance is quite enormous and ranges from one benefit to another, core among the benefits is that it will save a lot of time and help your business become successful. By verifying email addresses you can make sure your message can reach the correct customers and audience quickly. That will lead to more sales and the maximum business growth.

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