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Email revolutionizes marketing for business

Email revolution
Email revolution
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The digital age has made accessing email almost essential to keeping up with the demands of running a business, and the experts at Bounce Exchange believe proper utilization of email marketing is essential to optimizing a company’s potential for growth.

Electronic mail has become the primary means of communication between two or more parties. Radicati, a marketing research group, reports that there are currently 3.3 billion online mail accounts. Of that number, 93 percent are checked every day. This means the majority of recorded information transmitted around the world is done via this medium.

There are several reasons why this has become the current trend, but at its core, it simply has more advantages than other forms of communication.

Many companies follow up with customers after a sale for feedback and potential future business. The go-to method for this nowadays is email marketing. Businesses now dedicate a significant portion of their budget to these promotions and customer follow-ups. Bounce Exchangebelieves that this method is the fastest, most reliable method to reach the customer and get a response.

Michelle Keegan at Constant Contact says there are several reasons why email marketing is more beneficial than other marketing tools. It’s cost effective, and when dealing with a smaller business and an even smaller budget, this can be an extremely important factor. There is no worry about cost of postage materials, stationary etc. A few clicks and messages are sent out rapidly and efficiently. That same message would have cost twice as much and taken twice as long to send out otherwise.

The effectiveness of this medium as a marketing device has been proven through customer response. Shavi Mahtani, CEO of, a discount fashion, site tells Constant Contact the effort by their company to utilize email marketing has produced exceptional results.

"In response to our first campaign, WatchZone received 100 online orders - all from a segment of 15,000 current customers," said Mahtani. "The average sale was about $150 per order. We were very happy with that result. Frankly, it exceeded our expectations."

Bounce Exchange is a software company that deals in Internet traffic. They believe email is not only the primary means of transferring messages between businesses and clients, it has become the standard for communication throughout the world.

According to Bounce Exchange reps,"It’s a great way to reach a large number of clients or customers quickly, and to deliver the exact message you want to share."
According to Marcia Kaplan at Practical Ecommerce, research shows that email continues to have a return on investment for business owners that utilize it properly. Marketing firmInformz provides data that shows the click-through-mail rate increasing from 2011 to 2012 by almost two percent.

But in that data, it also shows that messages with more links have a better chance of getting clicks than not. Also, lengthier subject lines resulted less clicks than those with shorter, succinct subjects. Those with ten characters or less usually give the customer a better understanding of the content of the piece of mail.

One thing that has changed the game is the emergence of smart phones. The ability to surf the web via mobile devices has revolutionized the way people use the Internet. In 2013, email testing tool provider Litmus reported that 43 percent of all messages were opened on mobile devices. But just because the message can get directly to the consumer, doesn’t guarantee they will click on it. Mobile mail should be as attractive as possible, including large fonts, action buttons and links that are clearly marked.

Keegan says that much of the popularity of email marketing has gained is due to its accessibility. There are many web-marketing products and services that are available for businesses of all sizes. Most of these tools are easy to use and don’t require expertise of any kind.

"This is definitely something a non-techie can do," said Mahtani. "It took us about 45 minutes - start to finish - to build and compose mail. And each campaign since then has taken less time to set up."

It is important to remember that customers get hundreds of promotions and messages from businesses everyday. Kaplan says if a company wants to get a positive reaction, they will have to tailor their messages to the customer’s needs. Personalizing messages through surveys or past purchase history is a great way to avoid your emails being classified as spam by the consumer.

Bounce Exchange reps are quick to note that email has several advantages over other communication devices. Its cost effectiveness is key, allowing the elimination of charges such as postage that had become staples of information traffic. Almost instantaneous delivery allows messages to be sent and received rapidly, cutting down wait times for replies.

But for businesses in particular, email is an extremely effective tool for marketing as well as maintaining a relationship with consumers. Being able to reach the customer promptly and service their needs efficiently can go a long way in acquiring future business, and Bounce Exchange believes email is the best tool to use in order to grow a company.

Chris Gee contributed to this piece