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Email marketing starts long before the click

Every so often, as with many other disciplines, read post with titles like "email is dead", "social networks kill the email", but Albert Palacci thinks different "email marketing is not dead" ...

What the email has more lives than a cat? Or is not clear how to design a strategy for effective email marketing?
The reality is that email is something we all use everyday and nothing died. Quite the contrary.

So what happens? How much users like the own email marketing have evolved and it is no longer so easy to succeed with a campaign of emailing as before.

Internet has evolved, but the strategies of companies do not. All online channels remain effective, if we 'use' correctly.
In the case of email marketing, the key to success for an item is long before the user clicks on one of the.

As you know the key to an effective emailing is the value that this contribution to the user. If you truly provide value, the user will not only allow us to send you information, but is waiting for the email to open it.

But for that to happen, we must start working long before the user opens the email. But we do this early before we start to send the emails, usually this is when the voices start arising and saying 'email marketing does not work'.

Our main objective is to get the maximum number of emails reaching the inbox from our users
Stages of conversion in email marketing
Pre-conversion stages in email marketing
Before conversion in email marketing Phases
For this explanation, we assume that we have successfully segmented database.

• Updated database

This depends on how we capture the emails, the mechanisms of opt-in, the open rate of shipments (a higher open rate, interest and therefore the user will be more concerned to update your email when this change), these ... and other factors will make our database in good health.

• Deliverability

It is the sum of factors that make the email pass all filters to your Inbox.
The key is the sender reputation and this is marked by. Belonging to white / black lists, the percentage of emails marked as spam by shipping, spoofing (the 'theft' of identity led to email when the actual sender ( email server) is different from the sender address seen by the user), the use of 'suspicious' code, and many other factors ... I do not know so well.

• Open rate

Once the user has passed the filters of the ESP (Email Server Provider) as Gmail, Hotmail, etc.. we have to get the user to open the email. To do this we must look at: shipping day and time, matter and frequency of email delivery (if we send too many emails the user will tend to ignore).

• Interaction

Now is when the input value of the contents and design of the email, make clicks generated.
Do you realize the amount of things we had to do before to get users to click on our links?
We can have a huge database, if we have not done well, the number of users that our content will be minimal. In each of the previous phases we will lose part of the database, and this will make the results worse. As I often say, 'and it will work!' :-)

• Visits

We have a user on our website. That means you have some interest in our content / offer. Now it depends on the quality of our landing page getting our user click 'buy'.

• Conversion

And finally, the user is in the process. If all goes well, the process will continue smoothly and the visit will end for sale.
True, emails will require a massive and sustained effort, but the reward definitely worth the effort.

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