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Email addresses during your job search

As a recruiter, the email address you use tells me a story.

1. Create an address that is for your personal business. Cutsy, sweet, may reveal too much or tell the wrong story. I like people to have a personality and show their creativity - but it may not send the message you want. A few years ago, someone sent me an email as "SnowQueen@..." and my first thought was she was into cocaine. She quickly corrected me and said she liked to snow ski. Oops, my fault. Well, what if you don't get the chance to talk to a recruiter - do you really want an email address you have to explain?

2. When I have resumes and conduct correspondence with job seekers, I'm still astonished that educated, business people use their current company's email address. Do they not know about all the monitoring that goes on inside a company? Or that it's a conflict of interest? Or that it demonstrates their work ethic and how they spend their work day to me? This does not leave a good impression folks!

3. Duh! I know that @ means it is an email address. If you have 5 seconds for someone to look at your resume, do you really need me to spend that time reading: "Telephone: ..." or "Email: ..." Tick tock!

You can set up emails for free and it's so much easier now that we can download multiple emails into our smart phones. Doing this will help you create the image you want and you'll still be able to monitor your communications easily.

Good luck! May you find the perfect job!

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