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Emaciated stray dog barely able to crawl rescued by mother and daughter team

How Baby could even move at all baffles her vets; this dog has a strong will to survive.
How Baby could even move at all baffles her vets; this dog has a strong will to survive.
Laurie Hock and Alexis Pendergrass

In Oklahoma City, a gray and white three-year-old emaciated pit bull managed to escape from an unknown living hell and crawl onto the front yard of the home where Laurie Hock and her 15-year-old daughter Alexis Pendergrass live reports

The women were shocked at the dog's appearance, which seemed to be more dead than alive. The open wounds all over her body were covered with maggots. Alexis washed the dog they named "Baby" and cleaned her up, and then rushed her to the Animal Emergency and Surgical Center. Sunday's report stated:

"Since arriving at the AESC she has received IV fluids, plasma and a blood transfusion. Her wounds have been cleaned and the maggots tediously removed from them. She has an amazing will to live and was able to drink some water and eat a few bites of food on her own. Continued aggressive treatment will be her only hope at life."

The dog's rescue is being sponsored by Safe Haven Animal Rescue, who have set up a donation page to help with the needed expenses for Baby's recovery.

A donation page has been set up; any funds that are left over will be applied to the rescue's reserve fund made available for future emergencies similar to ones like Baby. If you would like to help, please click here.

On Tuesday, Baby's update indicates she is making a miraculous recovery. She is able to sit and stand up, and has been drinking and eating. She continues to be treated for an intestinal parasite.

Baby the pitbull now has her own Facebook page. It is suspected she recently had given birth to puppies; advocates are anxious to trace the dog's owner. If found, the owner faces animal cruelty and neglect charges.

Thanks ladies for being there to save Baby. You ladies are heroes.

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