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Emaciated puppy to be destroyed on Wednesday

Saving Barrow Animal Control Pets

Update 1/18/14: Titan is safe! Per the facility, he has been adopted.

Saving Barrow Animal Control Pets

A skeletal puppy in Winder, Ga., is facing the premature end of his life...

The pup, who is estimated to be six to nine months of age, is currently housed at the Barrow County Animal Control and if nobody adopts or rescues him by this afternoon, he will be destroyed tomorrow.

Titan is listed as a boxer/Labrador retriever mix and, judging by the appearance of his gaunt body, his short life has not been easy.

Titan weighs a mere 47 pounds - the bones in his body are far too prominent and his copper eyes seem to be wise beyond his young age.

Volunteers at the facility describe the emaciated puppy as friendly - the following information was shared about Titan:

Took Titan out of his pen today to stretch his legs and he is a total sweetheart. He was so happy to be out and was galloping around! He did his business right away. He was great with my kids. I walked him past another dog and he had no interest in that dog. Please help get him out of there.

Titan has until 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday for someone to save his life. Please take a moment to network his information, thank you.

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  • Facebook thread here.
  • Link to video on Facebook here

Shelter information:

Barrow County Animal Control Shelter
616 Barrow Park Drive Winder, GA 30680
Department Contacts:
(770) 307-3012 Phone (they will not return long distance calls)
(770) 867-1660 Fax
Kimberly Perez –
Danyal Harper –

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