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Emaciated pit bull found in Charlotte needs a rescue skilled in dog rehab

Reid, located in Charlotte, needs a rescue trained in rehabilitation
Reid, located in Charlotte, needs a rescue trained in rehabilitation

UPDATED FEBRUARY 12, 2014: Jennifer Gibson and her mother, Deb Ellis, have decided to raise funds necessary to have Reid neutered, and to pay for his rehabiltation. Jennifer stated

"We have decided to have him neutered and try rehabilitation. I have started a YouCaring account to help raise funds for boarding and rehabilitation. We will either be sending him off for a several week program of having a behaviorist or trainer work with him locally."

A YouCaring account has been set up here.

This pit bull needs a very special home after being found in Charlotte last month, Facebook reported.

This is Reid, a two-year-old male pit bull who was found on January 31 in Charlotte, North Carolina. He's in desperate need of a rescue, or someone who understands dog behavior and can work with him.

Reid has had a hard life, and was found starving and covered in wounds. A wonderful rescue called South of the Bully had a foster home lined up if he passed his temperament test.

Unfortunately, Reid failed the part of the test to see how he did with other dogs. A volunteer with the rescue blames being fought, possibly his entire life, as the reason he doesn't like other dogs.

There have also been a few incidents where Reid snapped at people, but it was during high-stress situation, and wasn't vicious. One of these incidents was when he was being left at a kennel on Saturday, and the other time was when another dog was present.

Jennifer Gibson, whose mother found Reid, doesn't want to have him euthanized. At the same time, Jennifer doesn't want to adopt him out or even let him go into foster care.

The best scenario would be for a rescue familiar with the rehabilitation of bait dogs/dogfighting to work with him and find Reid a home that understands his needs. Reid needs to understand he doesn't have to starve anymore. To fight anymore. That all humans aren't cruel.

Reid is healthy, other than being emanciated. He's tested heartworm negative, and is up to date on all vaccines.

If you can offer Reid the help and rehabilitation he so desperately needs, contact Jennifer Gibson at Jennifer has stated her parents have grown close to Reid, and will make a donation to any rescue willing to help.

Please share this boy with friends in the rescue world who specialize in the tough cases where rehabilitation is necessary. You can follow Reid's story on this Facebook thread.

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