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Emaciated dog, left to die outside, rescued and fighting for her life

A five-year-old pit bull mix in Phoenix, Ariz., is fighting for her life after falling victim to a horrific act of cruelty.

Catalina, left to die
Via M.A.I.N. Facebook Page

According to the rescue agency, Medical Animals In Need (MAIN), the dog, named "Catalina," was purposefully starved by a vengeful husband who was angry after his wife left him.

The rescue agency wrote:

Her family was having problems, and the wife left one night. In retaliation, the husband shut this dog in the backyard with no food and took weekly photos to send to his wife with notes like ‘You can save her by coming home.’ As the days and weeks went by, this poor thing just got weaker and weaker and when she couldn’t stand for the photos anymore, he dropped her off at the shelter saying that he had just found her by the roadside.

The rescue agency took Catalina in after one of their volunteers came upon her at a "not for public" room at the west valley animal shelter. One look at Catalina's wasted body was sufficient to know that she was a dog who had to be saved.

According to the rescue agency, a volunteer at the facility provided the tearful, heartbreaking details of Catalina's abuse; exactly how this information came to be known is unclear.

The rescue organization addressed the issue of cruelty charges, stating:

We know that many of you (us included) want confirmation that her owners are brought up on charges for the cruelty they’ve inflicted on this poor girl. But, we’ll tell you what the shelter tells everyone that asks about situations like this. No one knows. M.A.I.N. is here to pick up the pieces and desperately try to restore health into this poor soul. We won’t spend any time following her family’s court appearances and convictions and we won’t report it if we hear. We are here for Catalina and that’s enough right now.

Catalina is free from the abuse, free from the painful starvation and free from the animal control facility, but she is not yet out of danger. Her body is so wasted that she is literally fighting to stay alive.

The following information was shared about Catalina's condition on Thursday:

This poor baby alternates between varying levels of alertness and almost catatonic when she drools. At this point, I’m keeping my hand on her to make sure she’s still breathing, more than anything! Good news is she is drinking, eating, and getting some good, deep sleep.

Find Catalina's rescuers on Facebook at this link.

Follow Catalina's progress here.

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