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Emaciated dog found tied to pole in attic has been put down

Coco was found in an attic

According to Monday's, the emaciated pit bull who was discovered chained in the attic of a house in Syracuse, N.Y., has been euthanized.

The dog, named "Coco," was discovered in Oct. 2013 in the attic of a home which had been rented by 40-year-old Melani Freeman. The emaciated dog was tethered to a pipe and she did not have access to food or water.

After being rescued from the attic, Coco was taken in by the CNY SPCA. The agency posted the following announcement about Coco's death on Tuesday morning:

We are aware that has announced that Coco, a cruelty case from last year has been euthanized. It is with a heavy heart and tears to our eyes that this was decided.
Coco flourished physically from being fed food and water daily.

Unfortunately, her temperament was permanently scarred from being treated the way she had been her whole life. Coco was fearful and distrustful toward people. She lashed out the only way she knew and that was to bite.

Numerous attempts were made to socialize Coco with people, other pets, ect. with horrible results. Coco was with us from October 8th 2013 to February of 2014. Rest in peace dear Coco.

Coco's owner, Melani Freeman, is facing cruelty charges in the ongoing case.

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