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Emaciated, disabled dog struggled to survive alone on the streets

Saving a dog named Beaumont
Saving a dog named Beaumont
Tracey Kuhlin

A heartbeat ago, a disabled young dog struggled to survive on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico.

Struggling to survive
Contributed photo

The pup, dubbed "Beaumont," by his rescuers, dragged his disabled body through the streets, begging for food to survive.

A good Samaritan named Walter witnessed the 10-month-old pup's struggles and took photos - he then went to work on social media - hoping against hope that he could find help for the ailing young dog.

The plea for help was answered by DogTag: You're It!, independent rescuers in south Orange County, Calif.

On Jan. 28, Beaumont, which is French for beautiful mountain, arrived to California. He was promptly taken to the Gateway Animal Hospital where he was diagnosed with a bilateral hip deformity, multiple vertebra deformities, arthritis in his front knee and missing joints in his hind legs.

Beaumont will be evaluated by an orthopedic specialist and hopefully, fitted with a custom wheelchair.

For the first time in Beaumont's young life, he has hope - had he remained on the streets of Tijuana, he would have suffered until the day that his worn, battered body could no longer go on.

Anyone hoping to help the rescue agency pay for Beaumont's care can make a donation here:

Gateway Animal Hospital
431 West Los Feliz
Glendale, CA
(818) 244-2934

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