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Emaciated boxer with frostbite found roaming in Garfield Heights

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Amidst another arctic blast of freezing weather and snow blowing in all directions on Wednesday, an extremely emaciated boxer was found roaming along Osborne Road in Garfield Heights, Ohio reported

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The female boxer, estimated to be about five years old had fresh stitches in her eye socket where her eye had recently been professionally removed.

Police turned the shivering and very weak dog, with frostbite on her nose, over to Animal Warden Ed James of Garfield Heights Animal Control where she is now under veterinarian care and already doing better:

"Little girl is already doing better... She couldn't even hold her head up last night. Now she is able to sit pretty and walk a little."

Authorities are anxious to find the owner and stated:

“Hopefully by showing the picture around, we can either find the owner, and if it’s a dog that just got out and got lost and (the owner) didn’t know who to contact, we can get the dog reunited. If this is a cruelty case, then we can hold them responsible.”

According to the Facebook page for Garfield Heights Animal Control, a woman has come forward claiming the dog belongs to her, and the dog slipped out of the "doggy door." Animal advocates, however continue to question the alleged owner asking her why the dog was so dehydrated and emaciated?

During the conversation, one poster states:

"Lady you are missing the point. If you wanted to help, the dog would've not been in your home for 3 weeks without eating and continuing to fall into further horrible condition..."

Then another woman asks the alleged owner the following:

"I'm sorry but I agree with everyone else. There is no way she got in this shape in a month. If she was not eating/drinking after the surgery why wasn't she taken back to the vet immediately? Another girl posted on one of the other pictures that she ran away. When did she run away and why???? Just answer the simple questions that are being asked. Why is so hard to do that?"

Many people have already offered to adopt the dog who has been described as extremely sweet.

More information will follow as the case continues. Please check out her photos and see what you think.

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