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Emaciated, abused puppy left at California animal control

West Coast Boxer Rescue

Emmitt, a nine-month-old boxer, has miraculously survived great trauma to his body.

The rescue agency, West Coast Boxer Rescue, recently rescued the abused young dog from a shelter in Moreno Valley, Calif.

At the time of his rescue, Emmitt was emaciated, lame and suffering from an upper respiratory infection.

A veterinary exam revealed the cause of his lameness...a metal pellet is lodged against his spine. The location of the pellet causes Emmitt to suffer severe nerve pain in his leg and he has been left incontinent.

Emmitt survived more than being shot...x-rays revealed that his leg (femur) had been broken and left to heal on its own.

Emmitt's rescuers stated:

It is hard not to cry when hearing what this extremely sweet and seemingly unaffected 9 month old boy has endured at human hands in his short life. He is a living representation of resilience, forgiveness and love.

West Coast Boxer Rescue is committed to helping Emmitt recover and life a pain free life.

Currently, the rescue agency is trying to raise the funds necessary for surgery to remove the bullet from Emmitt's body. Anyone interested in helping the agency provide this battered dog with that care can do so by contributing to this fundraiser, or by making a donation directly to the veterinary clinic (below).

Neurological center for animals Lakewood, Colorado, 80227-4903 Telephone: (303) 989-4656. Dr. Lutgen

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