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Em Todo Lugar Featured in Linklater Film

It's not surprising that several songs from Moreno Veloso's new album, Em Todo Lugar, are featured in Richard Linklater's (Slackers, School of Rock) recent film "Boyhood" as the songs chosen are cinematic and convey an evocative story which ties in strongly to the movie's sensitive theme about adolescence.

The Salvador, Bahian comes by his talent honestly. He is a son of famous composer Caetano Veloso and godson of vocalist Gal Costa. The album is a long-awaited follow up to Music Typewriter, released 13 years ago, which featured a co-write, 'Sertao' with his musical parent. Veloso is a versatile composer who balances traditional Brazilian samba/bossa nova rhythms with contemporary, funky original beats and expressive vocal interpretations.

Several years ago, Veloso co-wrote 'Aguas de Marco' to help raise funds for the Red Hot Organization. He also performs with Moreno + 2 with Alexandre Kassin and Domenico Lancelotti, with whom he recorded three projects. In addition, they contributed to Em Todo Lugar, along with pianist Daniel Jobim, grandson of Carlos Jobim, keyboardist Rodrigo Bartolo, Pedro Sa and many others. If you like works by Bebel Gilberto and Gilberto Gil, you'll definitely enjoy this exciting new album.

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