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Elvis: Tribute at Graceland Honors Elvis

Nashville was once the recording home of one of the most celebrated and most popular singers around and his name was Elvis Presley.

If you are a big Elvis Presley fan like I am, don't you wonder what he would think about the world today with the Internet, iPhones, iPads, and especially iTunes and any download music site where records are not sold physically at a store front?

We know the date of Elvis Presley's birthday is always time for a big celebration at his former home in Memphis, Tennessee and between the date of his birth (January 8) and the date of his death in August, we will see many fans such as us who make the trek to Graceland in honor of his memory.

Watch the attached video on 'Thousands Go to Graceland to Remember Elvis' and leave us a note in the comment space below to let us know if you are also a big fan of Elvis, or if you even know who he is, or perhaps you were born since his passing.

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