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Eluusif States That Aliens Do It Better

London based musician, Eluusif's music is a combination of animated rhythms, electronic distinction and ambient dance. His project, Aliens Do It Better, is pure electronic genius. A collection of songs filled with dub-step, edgy and high-powered energy, it is clear from the beginning that Eluusif loves music and more importantly - is having fun crafting it.

Eluusif's Aliens Do It Better

"Hair Like Skrillex," mixes uptempo styling with a female singing amidst Eluusif's distinct style and sound. "Justin Bieber is an Android," gives the appearance of being a nod to bands such as Kraftwerk and Orbital, while maintaining a contemporary undertone that makes for an enjoyable wonderment as to what Eluusif will add next to the song. "No I don't wanna be your facebook friend," follows a similar refrain but here Eluusif pushes the proverbial envelope capitalizing fully on the extent of what can be done with electronic music. There are a variety of sounds featured here that really have to be ingested at once and then analyzed. The song has a wow factor in the area of electronic music.

"You should be mine," returns to a similar pattern as "Hair Like Skrillex," while "I need an Alien Tonight" embarks on a dance floor groove that is perhaps the EP's best. The cut is the project's finale, and does not disappoint. Also featured on Aliens Do It Better is a Craniel Daig Mix of "You should be mine" that re-imagines the original taking it up a step in the area of movement. Here, the song feels less loungey and more likely to be played in a DJ's mix as opposed to on its own.

Elussif has received a significant amount of notoriety for his engaging sound. The compositions encompass lively qualities that exude something otherworldly while remaining notably current, and electronic.

Final Grade: A

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