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'Elton John: A Million Dollar Piano' to hit theaters on Tuesday

Elton John in concert at Philips Arena, Atlanta
Elton John in concert at Philips Arena, Atlanta
Photography by Andrew Snook

A new movie is about to provide fans with an entirely new way to experience a music concert. With a limited engagement of only two nights in movie theatres, Atlanta resident Elton John is about to appear in a concert movie that will provide an audio-visual extravaganza that only he could provide!

On March 18 and March 26 2014, “Elton John: The Million Dollar Piano” will show in select movie theaters around the country.

Elton John has always been the consummate entertainer. It's not just about the more than 40 years of hits for which he has been responsible, it's also about his live stage performances. Sir Elton John has a stage presence that inspires awe. He is a larger than life person and a larger than life entertainer.

If you've been lucky enough to see Sir Elton live you know exactly what I'm talking about, it's just brilliant to watch and listen to a stage entertainer whose voice has lost nothing and whose stage persona has continued to grow. Ever since his famous costumes and over top antics, Sir Elton has had the reputation of putting on a show that leaves the audience breathless!

So imagine a personality as large as Sir Elton's performing in a town that has a similar larger than life reputation. Las Vegas is the perfect place for performers like Sir Elton, in fact they are perfect together!
So how does a concert by Sir Elton John in a town like Las Vegas get upstaged? By putting Sir Elton John on stage at Caesar's Palace behind the most elaborate piano ever made!

Costing a million dollars and taking more than four years to build the piano that Sir Elton plays weighs more than two tons and consists of a concert grand piano with 68 LED video screens. It's a unique instrument built in a collaborative effort between Sir Elton and Yamaha Pianos. The end result? A piano that’s not just Elton John's principal instrument; it's also an integral part of the show and an integral part of the stage design.

In a recent interview with Broadway World, Chris Gero, Yamaha Entertainment Group’s founder and Vice President gives the reader insight into the basis for the piano’s creation. “All of Elton's songs are like these epic vignettes done in song, and, for me, I see everything very visually and so do they, so I said, "What if the piano was, first of all, a work of art, and, secondly, it was a chameleon onstage? What if it was part of the set and it featured into different musical pieces because it can morph with video? Or, what if it became the epicenter of the moment, just based on the mood of the song?" Elton is very, very trusting and very faithful and he said, "You know what? I love the idea. Go with it." So, I showed him a few sketches of the designs that the Japanese design group had come up with and we started working on the show from there.”

About the show Elton John has commented, “It’s unlike anything I have done before, a complete mix, a showcase of all my music, accompanied by spectacular scenery and beautiful video images,” said Elton John.

So if you’ve never seen Elton John live, or even if you have “Elton John: The Million Dollar Piano” is likely to provide an experience of Elton John unlike any other you’ve had.

Given the availability of showings at IMAX theatres it might be a great idea to see the show there and be completely enveloped in a the larger than life show that only Elton John, in Las Vegas, with a million dollar piano could provide.

Tickets for “Elton John: The Million Dollar Piano” are available at participating theater box offices and online at The event will be presented in nearly 700 select movie theaters around the country through Fathom’s Digital Broadcast Network.

Here are the theaters in Georgia that are showing the movie:

North Point 8, Alpharetta GA
Perimeter Pointe 10, Atlanta GA
Hollywood 24 @ North I-85, Atlanta GA

Fork and Screen Buckhead, Atlanta GA

Augusta Exchange 20 with IMAX, Augusta GA

Avenue Forsyth 12 with IMAX, Cumming GA

Tinseltown USA, Fayetteville GA

Barrett Commons 14 with IMAX, Kennesaw GA

Sugarloaf Mills 18, Lawrenceville GA

McDonough Stadium 16, Mcdonough GA

Southlake Pavilion 24 with IMAX, Morrow GA

Georgian Stadium 14, Newnan GA

Savannah Stadium 10, Savannah GA

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