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Elting Memorial Library resolves safety issue with new windows

Inside view of the doors to Elting Memorial Library.
Inside view of the doors to Elting Memorial Library.
Terence P Ward

Since its expansion in 2006, the main entrance to Elting Memorial Library has been a pair of metal fire doors without windows in or around them.  Last week, according to library staff, windows were installed in both doors to improve safety.

The two doors are built with panels that could be cut out to install windows, but this was not part of the remodeling plans.  Since then, the library has taken steps to reduce the likelihood that one of the heavy metal doors - which open outwards - would collide with an inattentive patron on the way in.  Signs inside cautioned users to open the doors slowly, and eventually designating an entrance and exit door.

Small children, the New Paltz Examiner has learned, were the most likely to be caught unawares.

This past week, windows were put in both doors, making it very easy to avoid any mishaps.  Traffic flow should be much more uneventful in the future.