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Elsie Roy's Young Entrepreneur Show helps kids learn about business

Kids studying at Elsie Roy Elementary School in Yaletown are getting a head start in the world of business. Fifth graders at the school study business plans and develop their own, creating a business from scratch. The Young Entrepreneurs’ Show was an opportunity for kids to turn their plans into reality. The school gym was converted into a marketplace and young business people sold their wares.

Run by Melissa McCleary, the 5th grade teacher, the entrepreneurship program was a big success. Kids were able to participate in a variety of ways and learn the basics of running a company. It was an informative experience that integrated everything from math to writing into the lessons. Students had to write out their business plans and most requested formal business loans from their parents to get their fledgling businesses off the ground.

The grand finale to the lesson plan was creating the products and selling them at the marketplace set up for parents and friends. Children sold a wide range of products, including handmade jewelry, bookmarks, sock puppets and bubble art, among many other items.

Opportunities like this one make it easy for children to realize their dreams of owning a business. Even if they don't use the information to start their own company at a young age, they can use what they've learned in every day life.

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