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Elsa's 'Frozen' look-alike wants 'Once Upon a Time' role

Elsa look-alike wants to bring the 'Frozen' character to life on 'Once Upon a Time'
Elsa look-alike wants to bring the 'Frozen' character to life on 'Once Upon a Time'
Anna Faith Carlson (annafaithxoxo)/Instagram

"Frozen" character Elsa has a look-alike whose resemblance is impressing fans of the animated ice queen. However, the Elsa doppelganger isn't happy with just looking like the popular Disney character – she's an actress who is hoping to score an audition for the role of Elsa in "Once Upon a Time."

According to a June 13 report by ABC News, 18-year-old Anna Faith Carlson became an Instagram sensation by posting a photo of herself standing next to an Elsa cut-out. In the picture, Anna bears a remarkable resemblance to the "Frozen" character. The aspiring actress has the same purple eyeshadow, raised eyebrow, and swept-up blonde hair.

The reaction the pretty teen got to her Instagram photo inspired her to use her acting abilities to bring Elsa to life. She visits schools and hospitals dressed like the ice queen, and the reaction she gets from "Frozen" fans is pretty phenomenal. "I remember going to the mall and this little girl started crying and I was like, 'Don't be scared,'" she told ABC News. "Then her mom said, 'She thinks you are going to freeze her with your ice powers.' I was like, 'Oh, no!'" As luck would have it, Anna Faith Carlson has a less-scary sister named Lexie who is a dead ringer for Elsa's sister Anna. Lexie usually accompanies her sister whenever she visits children to delight (and terrify) them with her Elsa impression.

Carlson has been acting and singing since she was in second grade, and she's hoping that her looks and abilities can help her score an audition for the ABC series "Once Upon a Time." Unfortunately, she's going to have her work cut out for her – most of the other big characters on the show are played by actors and actresses who have starred on TV series and in movies before. Some favorites for the role include Kristen Bell (who voiced Anna in "Frozen"), "Glee" actress Dianna Agron, and "The Vampire Diaries" star Claire Holt.

According to TV Line, Anna Faith Carlson has another obstacle to overcome in her quest to score the Elsa role. "Once Upon a Time" is reportedly looking for an actress in her late-20s/early-30s, so Carlson is a decade younger than what the "Once" showrunners want. However, Elsa and Anna are pretty young in the movie, so perhaps Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis would consider giving Carlson a chance. There currently aren't any teen stars on "Once Upon a Time" other than 14-year-old Jared Gilmore, so casting Elsa and Anna young might bring in a whole new younger demographic of viewers. Peter Pan actor Robbie Kay was 18, so the show isn't completely opposed to giving young stars a chance to shine.

Do you think that Elsa's look-alike should get a chance to audition for "Once?" Or are you hoping that the "Frozen" role will go to a bigger star?

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