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Elsa from 'Frozen': Anna Faith Carlson is a real life Elsa, 'Once Upon a Time?'

Elsa from “Frozen” has become one of Disney’s most popular heroines and iconic female characters of late, and now there’s a real life Elsa out there — by the name of Anna Faith Carlson. The 18-year-old teen model recently posted a photo online of her dressing up as the Ice Queen, and ever since then, she has actually become an official impersonator for the Disney figure. The Huffington Post reports this Saturday, June 14, 2014, that her fandom has become so viral of late that thousands of her fans are even petitioning that she play the upcoming character on the hit series, “Once Upon a Time.”

Anna Faith Carlson, the model who looks like Frozen from Elsa
Twitter Photo File, (Insing Features)

Anna Faith Carlson already had quite a few supporters due to her good looks, and was a rising teen model even before “Frozen” came out. Yet with the arrival of Disney’s greatest recent success, people suddenly noticed that Carlson looked remarkably like a real life Elsa from the movie. Since she became an impersonator for the character, there is an online petition started by some of her followers that she play the lead role of Elsa in an upcoming episode of “Once Upon a Time,” the well-known fairy tale drama on ABC.

According to a press release from ABC News this week, Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen” will be making a special appearance in the upcoming finale of the TV show this May. There is also highly anticipated talk of Elsa’s equally popular sister, Princess Anna, also making an appearance, as well as Anna’s friend / love interest, Kristoff.

The movement to let Anna Faith Carlson — aptly named, as she shares the signature moniker of Elsa’s sister Anna — soon became a trending hashtag on Twitter, being marked as #AnnaAsElsa. These fans have been sending multiple tweets via the social media site to the “Once Upon a Time” cast leaders, requesting that Faith be considered to play the lovely ice queen on the hit show.

It has been confirmed that ABC is currently in the process of casting new characters for the fairy tale drama show, and there has been word that Kristen Bell would be more than interested in playing the part of Anna again. So with the role of Elsa still being uncast, there is a snowflake’s chance of Anna Faith Carlson, the “real life” Elsa, possibly being cast.

Faith is an actress, a singer, and a teen model that hails from Florida, USA. In addition to her aspiring career, she also works on occasion as an Elsa impersonator from elementary school events to birthday parties. What do you think? Does this “Frozen” fan really look like Elsa to you, and would you like to see her star on “Once Upon a Time” this May 2014?

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