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Elmira's aquatic expert at your service

Seth Jividen is ready to help you with all your fish and aquatic related questions.
Seth Jividen is ready to help you with all your fish and aquatic related questions.
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It's pretty easy finding someone to take care of your dog or cat when you go on vacation, but what about your fish?  Who do you turn to when you need assistance maintaining your tank or even setting it up for that matter?

The answer to your questions is Seth Jividen. Seth has been interested in fish and taking care of them for over 17 years.  When he was a teenager he had several tanks through out his mother's home and has a passion for them for as long as he can remember. 

He has been the aquatic manager at the City Zoo since it opened in 2004 at 2024 Lake Road and was the aquatic manager for New Eden Pet Center for the 4 years before that.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marine Biology, which he earned while working full time and has extensive knowledge in fresh, brackish and salt water species.  He can design, maintain and/or custom build an aquatic system especially personalized for your business or personal home use.  He is able to set up any system from a Betta Fish to an extensive salt water system capable of housing a variety of exotic fish.  He will ask you the right questions to help you figure out what type of fish and system would be best for your home and life style. And he will be there through the entire process from initial meeting to the the maintainance needed after the project is completed.

He is also available to take care of your aquatic needs when you want to take a vacation or if you just need a little extra help. He has great advice to offer like this from the fish pet tips page at the City Zoo website:

Water Quality. Tropical fish require water with specific degrees of hardness and a balanced PH level of acidity and alkalinity. The quality of your aquarium’s water can be easily adjusted with water conditioners and test kits available at City Zoo. We can help you choose the proper conditioners and instruct you in their use.

Seth also has the Aquatic Culture Facility on 14th Street in Elmira Heights and is always delighted to share his passion for fish with the general public by appointment.  You can reach Seth through the City Zoo by calling (607) 732-2700 during their regular business hours or his cell phone at (607) 207-1140. 

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  • Ellie Neufer 5 years ago

    Great information, its always good to know that your fish can be taken care of to.

  • Pam Swank 5 years ago

    Deannda, Very nice article, you have a gift for writing....keep up the dream:)

  • Lucky D 5 years ago

    I have been to pet store chains and other pet stores in elmira and by far the City Zoo has got to be the best. they have a knowledgeable crew that answers all my questions on the animals and the things i buy to go with them. Seth is the one who set up my reef tank and he does a very good job at it. Very friendly and knows everything there is to know about ANY FISH! You could say he is our local Aquaman or Poseidon even! talking to him will get you hooked on owning a fish tank and all that comes with it. But be warned that you will keep going back to the because they always have the biggest, baddest, newest, next big thing! There is also a man by the name Jared there that does a remarkable job with the reptiles. From snakes to lizards to frogs he does it all. these guys are awesome!!!

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