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Elmira's aquatic expert at your service



  • Ellie Neufer 6 years ago

    Great information, its always good to know that your fish can be taken care of to.

  • Pam Swank 6 years ago

    Deannda, Very nice article, you have a gift for writing....keep up the dream:)

  • Lucky D 6 years ago

    I have been to pet store chains and other pet stores in elmira and by far the City Zoo has got to be the best. they have a knowledgeable crew that answers all my questions on the animals and the things i buy to go with them. Seth is the one who set up my reef tank and he does a very good job at it. Very friendly and knows everything there is to know about ANY FISH! You could say he is our local Aquaman or Poseidon even! talking to him will get you hooked on owning a fish tank and all that comes with it. But be warned that you will keep going back to the because they always have the biggest, baddest, newest, next big thing! There is also a man by the name Jared there that does a remarkable job with the reptiles. From snakes to lizards to frogs he does it all. these guys are awesome!!!

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