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Ellison op-ed: Ignore the terrorists

Another missile fired by Hamas hits Israel.
Another missile fired by Hamas hits Israel.
AP Photo/Hatem Moussa

Keith Ellison's op-ed in the Washington Post isn't surprising. It's just disappointing from an objectivity standpoint. Here's a perfect example of Rep. Ellison's lack of objectivity:

The vast majority of Gazans do not support firing rockets into Israel or killing Israelis. In fact, the majority of people in Gaza are women and children.

That statement sounds sincere but it isn't a truthful statement. This isn't an honest statement either:

It seems as though each day brings new horrors and heartbreaks in the Holy Land. More than 1,000 dead. Gazan children blown up on the beach. A U.N. shelter hit. Two-thirds of Israelis living in fear from indiscriminate rocket fire launched by Hamas. But as the calls for a cease-fire gain momentum, it is important to understand that many Gazans who have no association with Hamas view the return to the way things were as unacceptable.

These supposedly innocent Gazans that supposedly don't want anything to do with Hamas terrorists elected Hamas terrorists the last time they had an election. If Gazans didn't want to be associated with terrorists, they shouldn't elect them to office.

This week, I also spoke with Yousef Moussa, chief area operations officer at the UNRWA office in Rafah. He puts this observation in context, noting, "50 percent of Gazans are under the age of 18. Seventy percent of Gazans are women and children. 80 percent of Gazans live below the poverty line. Relatively few Gazans are associated with Hamas."

First, UNRWA is a corrupt UN organization that can't be trusted. When 20 Hamas rockets were found in an UNRWA-run school, the UN put out a press release saying that the rockets had somehow disappeared:

The U.N. secretary-general on Wednesday said he was "alarmed" to hear that rockets were placed in a U.N.-run school in Gaza and now "have gone missing," and he demanded a full review of such incidents.

A statement by the spokesman for Ban Ki-moon expressed the U.N. chief's "outrage and regret" at the placement of weapons at a site run by the global organization. The U.N. says that has happened at least twice so far in the current fighting.

"Those responsible are turning schools into potential military targets, and endangering the lives of innocent children," U.N. staff and anyone seeking shelter, the statement said.

The rockets didn't mysteriously disappear. UNRWA notified 'the appropriate parties', who then came and picked up the missiles. They undoubtedly took them to a different location where children would be used as human shields to protect Hamas's missiles.

What's needed isn't another strongly worded letter from the UN. What's needed is for the UN to let Israel destroy a) the weapons Hamas has stockpiled and b) the tunnels Hamas terrorists use to kill or kidnap Israelis. The other thing that's required is for the so-called international community to give Israel permission to block the re-arming of Hamas.

Israel and Egypt also view the blockade as a success because it pushed Hamas into a financial crisis.

Until the supposedly peace-loving people of Gaza stop electing terrorists to run their government, Israel will rightfully question whether Gazans love peace more than terrorism.

Until Ellison admits that reality, it's right for people to question his objectivity.

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