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Elliott Smith fans keep an adoring eye on upcoming documentary

Nickolas Rossi's "Heaven Adores You" is getting ready to join the countless other documentaries currently available about musical talent who left us far too soon. This film, focused on the life and music of Elliott Smith, will be premiering at this year's San Francisco International Film Festival. Funding for the film came via a Kickstarter campaign from 2011.

"Heaven Adores You" is in good company this year when it comes to films based on the lives of rock stars who left us far too soon. Also coming out this year is "Soaked In Bleach", in which Daniel Roebuck portrays real life PI Tom Grant, who was hired to investigate the death of Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain. This year will mark the 20th anniversary of Cobain's death. Smith may not have the same size fan base, but his fans are just as dedicated to the man's works years after his passing.

Smith's own death in October 21, 2003 is still shrouded in controversy. To most of the world, the troubled artist committed suicide, but the official autopsy report was seen as inconclusive and could not officially label his death as such. Many fans continue to accuse his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Chiba, of wielding the knife that took his life, but nothing conclusive has come of these accusations.

The documentary "Heaven Adores You" will likely touch upon Smith's death, but it will not be the focus. According to the Kickstarter page, this documentary will cover the influence Smith's emotionally charged and lyrically honest music has had on its fans as well as fellow musicians. It will also talk about Smith's works in the world of music, which spanned many albums, several of them released posthumously.

"Heaven Adores You" will feature songs by Smith that have been unheard up to this point as well as personal photographs of the artist and video footage of Smith thought lost until now. Producer Kevin Moyer created the film with Smith's own friends and past musical partners, who gave him permission to use the rather sensitive material.

The San Francisco International Film Festival takes place between Apr. 24 and May 8. The possibility of "Heaven Adores You" receiving further theatrical release has not been discussed publicly.

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