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Elliott Neese rehab: Will 'Deadliest Catch' star check into rehab?

Elliott Neese of "Deadliest Catch."
Facebook / Elliott Neese

Will Elliott Neese check into rehab in episode 7 of "Deadliest Catch" season 10? After the May 27 episode, it was apparent that Elliott was dealing with a lot before heading to the bar, leaving his crew behind on the Saga.

According to next week's episode preview Discovery released on May 28, rehab for Elliott will be one of the focal points of the show. In part of next week's synopsis for episode 7, it reads: "One captain faces what might spell the end of a storied career while another struggles to check into rehab."

Elliott's father, Mike Neese, is worried about him. As he expressed, he's concerned for his behavior and pegs alcohol as his son's number one problem, which leads to other problems. Mike Neese added that it's "brutal" seeing what his son is going through.

Elliott discussed his past with substance and alcohol abuse on Tuesday's "Deadliest Catch" episode. He spent a lot of money on substance at around the age of 16.

"I almost regret making so much money when I was young," Neese said.

Once he tried cocaine, Elliott summed it up by saying, "game over." The young captain shared that he didn't realize how strong "triggers" were until he experienced them himself.

Neese's PR manager, Shannon, posted a message on Twitter to fans after the May 27 episode:

"(Shannon) Thank you to all of the fans who brought their own stories of dealing with addictions to us tonight. Our thoughts are with you!"

Will Elliott Neese check into rehab in episode 7?

"Deadliest Catch," season 10, episode 7, airs Tues., June 3 on Discovery at 9 p.m., ET.

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