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Elliot Rodger brutally stabbed his 3 roommates to death before shooting rampage

Elliot Rodger, the Santa Barbara gunman, had stabbed to death his three roommates before heading out on his shooting spree last week. Police have removed the three mangled bodies of his roommates from a scene of carnage at the apartment where Rodger was living, according to Hollywood Life on May 25.

The Santa Barbara shooter, Elliot Rodger, stabbed to death his 3 roommates before heading out on the drive-by shooting spree killing 3 others.
YouTube screen shot

The roommate’s bodies were discovered at Rodger’s Capri Apartment complex in Isla Vista. The police called this the work of a “mad men” and after learning the gruesome details, most might agree this was a fair statement.

The three dead roommates, who were brutally stabbed to death, all having multiple stab wounds on their bodies. The three other people that Rodger shot total a number of six who are dead after the killing spree ended. This number grows to seven after Rodger took his own life putting a bullet in his head.

Two sorority girls were killed instantly during Rodger's drive-by. He also got out of his car and went into a store to shoot an unsuspecting bystander, 20-year-old Christopher Martinez. He got back in his car and he continued shooting. He also hit two bikers with his car at two separate times while on this spree.

When deputies surrounded him, they shot him in the hip, but he was able to get away. Police believe that Rodger put the gun to his head, killing himself with a single gunshot. They believe this is what caused his car to go out of control and hit a tree.

According to the New York Daily News today, Elliot Rodger wanted to "dominate the world." The same friend describes Elliot as "a really lonely guy," before going on his shooting spree.

The total number dead is seven, including Rodger. This includes the three roommates who were stabbed to death and then add the two sorority girls, who he shot while they were standing on a sidewalk. The final victim was the one boy he shot-down in the store.

All three of the guns found with Rodger were legally purchased by him. The weapons found in his car include; three 9mm semi-automatic handguns, a pair of Sig Sauers and a Gock, along with almost 400 rounds of ammunition.

Rodger’s father and mother had found their son’s bizarre manifesto which detailed a shooting spree and the couple called the authorities. They then drove down to Santa Barbara to try an intervene, but it was too late.

People were dead, including their son. This horrific day of carnage has changed many lives today, including the father of the shooter who was the assistant director on the movie “The Hunger Games.”

While the victim's families suffer a great loss today, Elliot's parents are beyond devastated that their son could have done this. They are also mourning the loss of their son.

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