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Elliemania on the way to the Roxy and the USA

The long awaited debut ep for American fans...just in time for Elliemania to hit the Roxy
The long awaited debut ep for American fans...just in time for Elliemania to hit the Roxy

Just a couple of short years ago, while rummaging around in the backwaters of YouTube and MySpace, I stumbled across a young,clearly gifted and confident independant songwriter who was busy having fun while adding snippets of songs and bedroom jams (er... that's strictly  musical jams by the way) with her friends and bandmates as well as some special remixes of  songs by the likes of The Passion Pit with the up and coming UK remix artist and producer 'Starsmith.' As soon as their mix of Ellie's song Starry Eyed was put out into the public domain it seemed that the entire nation became entranced by her work and she was quickly acknowledged as being the most original and creative female artist to emerge in the UK since Kate Bush popped everyones ears and eyes wide open with her songs and videos in the nineteen seventies and eighties. Within just a few days of making Starry Eyed available online her songs were being sought after and played by every radio station in the UK, Eire and Europe. Her rise to the front of the musical arena was so sudden that before she could even finish creating a MySpace profile in her own name the ink was already drying on her new recording contract with Polydor. Just as a handful of UK and Irish dj's and myself had predicted while she was still wearing those hoodies and jamming away in her bedroom, once the songs got out  they made Ellie a national superstar in the UK almost overnight. Ellie is now about to repeat that process and prove us right all over again  over here.

 Now if you get the chance to listen to Ellie speak you'll soon notice that she has a very soft, polite and  gentile English accent , but the second she starts to sing  that quaint accent disappears to reveal her roots as the celtic firestorm hidden within and gifted to her through her Welsh childhood and upbringing suddenly bursts forth with a power and a force so strong that even the likes of Tom Jones would step back in amazement to utter the universally accepted phrase of "Wow" - which is often the only word that most can utter when stumbling into the presence of such great vocal talents. Earlier this year Ellie made her first visit to LA to share some of that fire and film the exceptional video for 'Guns and Horses' ( check that link out!) and quickly found herself with another contract to sign when Cherry Tree Records (Lady Gaga etc) asked her to sign with them for her US releases. Since then she's been busy touring Australia, Ireland and Europe in between running marathons (-her other hobby) and heading back to 'Ol' Blighty' to headline most of the UK's venues and festivals throughout the summer while her debut album spent most of the summer in the top of the UK charts...and while Ellie has quickly moved to the status of superstar throughout Europe it seems that a growing body of American fans have been crying out for a nice big slice of Ellie over here too.

   This month the cry of those growing Stateside fans has now begun to be  answered with two special (and very soon to be sold out)  concerts at The Roxy here in LA ( on September 28th) and at the Hiro Ballroom in New York (on the 30th) while her first official US release entitled 'An Introduction To Ellie Goulding' hits the shelves in record stores across all states today. In the UK Elliemania is now so strong that every time Ellie speaks, blinks, whispers or even  writes the letter 'p' on her facebook she is instantly innudated with hundreds of marriage proposals and vows of undying love from both boys and girls and even grown men tut tut (I couldn't help it it just happened!!)So you can expect Elliemania to start sweeping across the nation from here on in. The debut ep features the tracks 'Starry Eyed', 'Lights', 'Guns and Horses' and the original acoustic version of 'The Writer'. Unfortunately, anyone who is still desperate for a US copy of 'Under The Sheets' or any of her other current tracks will have to wait for the full debut album release later on in the year. In the meantime, you can always practise your Elliemania by repeatedly voting for Ellie in the MTV music awards as 'the best new UK artist' at the link here instead.