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Ellen Page comes out as gay: Who was she last rumored to be dating?

Ellen Page came out as gay on Valentine's Day. Her revelation came just months after certain fans got very upset about rumors that she was dating a certain male star.

Ellen Page revealed that she's gay during a THRIVE conference
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

According to a Feb. 14 report by The Hollywood Reporter, the "Juno" star made her big announcement at the Time to THRIVE conference at Bally's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference promotes the well-being and safety of LGBTQ youth.

"I’m here today because I am gay," the 26-year-old actress said during her speech. "And because maybe I can make a difference. To help others have an easier and more hopeful time. Regardless, for me, I feel a personal obligation and a social responsibility."

"I am tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission," she went on to say. "I suffered for years because I was scared to be out. My spirit suffered, my mental health suffered and my relationships suffered. And I’m standing here today, with all of you, on the other side of all that pain."

Ellen Page is a very successful young star whose movie credits include her breakout role in "Hard Candy," a psychological thriller about a male sexual predator. Her most famous role is the snarky pregnant teen she played in the movie "Juno," but she also proved that she can do action movies in "X-Men: The Last Stand" and "Inception."

Last summer rumors surfaced that Page was dating her "The East" costar Alexander Skarsgard. According to TMZ, one Twitter user wasn't very happy about the rumored romance. Page received multiple death threats last June, including one that read, "Ellen Page if you continue to date Alexander [Skarsgard] I will K-1-L-L you in public in the next year ... Be it in a club, at a game, in a restaurant, or when you're signing autographs."

With people like that paying attention to her personal life, it's not surprising that Page was terrified to reveal that she's gay. But perhaps her latest movie role played a part in inspiring her to come out. She and Julianne Moore will play a gay couple in the movie "Freeheld," which is based on the documentary of the same name about the struggle of a gay woman to pass her pension benefits to her partner after she becomes terminally ill. Maybe Page decided that life is too short to hide such a big part of who she is.

Page ended her inspiring THRIVE speech by praising gay NFL prospect Michael Sam, transgender "Orange is the New Black" actress Laverne Cox, and openly gay indie rockers Tegan and Sara Quin. She then wished everyone a Happy Valentine's Day, and she definitely made the romantic holiday a bit brighter for the LGBTQ community (and a lot of Alexander Skarsgard fans).

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