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Ellen Page comes out as Gay and gets tons of support with 2 million views

Ellen Page comes out as gay and gets millions of views on YouTube.
Photo by Kristy Sparow/Getty Images

Ellen Page, the young actress, came out as gay last night at the Human Rights Campaign Foundation event in Las Vegas. Page was a guest speaker at the event and when at the podium to deliver her speech she proudly shared with the audience that she was gay, according to The Wrap on Feb. 15.

Page got a stupendous amount of support as her speech made it onto YouTube and was viewed by almost 2 million people less than 24 hours after she shared her sexual orientation with the public.
The conference gets together the educators, religious leaders, pediatricians, mental health counselors and others who are in positions that serve the youth of this country.

It is a great place to talk about the dilemmas facing the LGBTQ youth today and the conference promotes ways to intervene and offer help when you see one of these problems occur.

Besides a standing ovation at the conference, Ellen Page got what might be considered a standing ovation on social network as the buzz was all about supporting the young actress when she shared with the public that she too is gay.

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