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Ellen DeGeneres tweets live from Oscars; celebrities gather for perfect photo

Ellen DeGeneres Tweets live from the Oscars
Ellen DeGeneres Tweets live from the Oscars
Ellen DeGeneres/Twitter

Ellen DeGeneres had the fans excited on Sunday night when she got her cellphone out. The 86th Annual Academy Awards incorporated social media into the show and got the fans around the world excited. About midway through the show, Ellen encouraged the stars on the front row to gather around her and take a picture so she could tweet it out to the world.

At first it seemed like only a few stars were going to be involved, but then there was nearly a dozen celebrities surrounding the host in a very cool moment. All of the faces were famous and everyone looked like they were having a great time sharing the moment with all the fans at home.

The picture was retweeted over 100,000 times in less than ten minutes and continues to be shared around the world. People tuning into the show are sharing and even though fans who aren't watching at the moment (perhaps they just looked away) are sharing it too.

One of the most interesting moments during the segment is Meryl Streep suggesting that she has never used twitter. It was a surprise to many fans who thought the star was on social media. Apparently not!

While the idea is to break the world’s record for the most retweeted message, nobody really had to ask as the picture is too good not to share with friends and family. Will this break a record online for the number of times it is retweeted? Everyone certainly hopes that happens!