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Ellen DeGeneres Super Bowl ad? Beats music commercial debuts on ‘Ellen’ (video)

Ellen Degeneres is in a Super Bowl commercial? The talented talk show host decided on her birthday show that she would be debuting the new Beats Music Super Bowl commercial and there was a moment of delight from the audience. According to The Wrap on Wednesday, the top 10 list of stars include people like Laurence Fishburne, Ben Kingsley David Beckham and even Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yet, Ellen’s Super Bowl commercial was under such tight wraps that not even the Hollywood know-it-all columnists right in the area knew. Well, all that changed on Ellen’s birthday show.

“I shot a commercial that will air during the Super Bowl this weekend,” said Ellen DeGeneres explaining the desire to be part of the produce. “It’s for the Beats Music app.”

Explaining how Beats Music work, viewers got the chance to see how the app differs from other apps. Giving people real playlists of music, but not in a random order. Instead, people can listen to songs that Ellen DeGeneres or other celebrities like and jam with music in a more personalized manner.

The Super Bowl commercial will be a hit on Super Bowl Sunday. One of the highlights is when Ellen is seen dancing with a family of animals and her look-a-like red riding hood outfit is quite cute too.

The lucky audience members got the chance to experience the Beats Music on their new phones. The app was a gift along with the cell phone and there is no doubt this gift was a complete surprise as the audience erupted with delight.
Take a look at the video clip of Ellen DeGeneres’ Super Bowl commercial.

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