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Ellen DeGeneres speaks out about Justin Bieber: ‘It's hard to hear all this’

Ellen DeGeneres shows support for Justin Bieber: ‘It's hard to hear all this’
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Justin Bieber might be in trouble with the law, but his Hollywood friends are making sure their voices are heard during this difficult time. On Thursday Ellen DeGeneres reflected on the situation with a very empathetic tone and had people thinking about the situation in a different way. According to the Miami Herald the star was arrested and charged for DUI, resisting arrest without violence, and driving with an expired driver's license. Of course the charges can be dealt with legally, but the public embarrassment that the star is facing is going to be tough.

“It's hard to hear all this news about @ justinbieber. I hope he makes his way to adulthood without him or anyone else getting hurt,” tweeted Ellen DeGeneres from her official Twitter account. The star’s well-crafted words reminded everyone that Justin Bieber has support and people in Hollywood support him even through the difficult times.

As with any situation, sometimes people need to work out personal issues in private, but that’s highly unlikely for Justin Bieber. He is under the eye of the media and there will be little he can do to escape. Viewers in the Miami area got a glimpse of this media magnification as there was nonstop updates on his arrest and information all morning during the Thursday news broadcast.

It’s unlikely the star will avoid the spotlight over the next few weeks, but the good news is the star has people who care about him and like Ellen DeGeneres are willing to say something to remind everyone that Justin Bieber is a teenager first and entertainer second. Perhaps it is forgotten in all the frenzy, but Justin Bieber is really a young person making his way in life.

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