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Ellen DeGeneres reveals how she surprised Portia de Rossi on Christmas (video)

Portia de Rossi got a surprise for Christmas from Ellen DeGeneres. Sharing on the story on The Ellen Show on Friday, the talk show host revealed how she gave a Land Rover Defender to Portia in a very unsuspecting way. The vehicle is no longer being made so Ellen had to buy the gift and get it shipped in from Texas. Wanting to keep it a surprise, the star then had to hide it until the perfect moment.

Apparently Portia de Rossi really wanted this particular type of Land Rover and always admires the vehicle whenever it is seen on the roads. With so much interest in the vehicle, it made the decision to give one to her as a Christmas gift easy.

How Ellen DeGeneres gave the Christmas gift to Portia would even make Santa smile. Ellen parked the car in a shopping mall that the couple would be at later that day. As they walked through the lot Portia commented on the car and stopped to admire. Pointing out the bow, she joked that it might be a gift. That’s when she turned around to see Ellen holding the keys to the car. Portia’s reaction when she realizes the car is her Christmas gift is priceless.

Take a look at the video clip and see how Ellen DeGeneres surprised Portia de Rossi on Christmas. It’s a great moment for anyone looking for pure happiness.

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