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Ellen DeGeneres ready to host the Oscars? Perfect choice for tough audience

Ellen DeGeneres is ready to host the Oscars
Photo by Frazer Harrison

The Academy Awards audience is a tough crowd and the celebrity who hosts the Oscars needs to be a person who knows what the viewers want to see. That’s why Ellen DeGeneres is such a perfect choice as the host of the 2014 Academy Awards. According to ABC News on Friday, the entertainer compares the scare factor of hosting an award show to bungee jumping.

This isn't Ellen’s first time hosting the Oscars. She did it in 2007 and had a few bumps, just like every host before her. As people quickly recognize, it doesn't matter if the show is perfect or has problems, the host always seems to be picked apart unmercifully after it is all over.

Offering a classy approach in 2014, the fans are excited about what Ellen DeGeneres is bringing to the Oscars. The world already knows who she is with her daily talk show and the humor on the show is funny without being over the top rude.

Ellen DeGeneres fans definitely have the celebrity’s back on the upcoming award show broadcast. They know she is going to sing, dance and just be herself. Perhaps that is why everyone is so excited about the star taking the stage on Sunday night as there is a daily connection with America that other hosts didn't have.

Viewers around the world hopes Ellen DeGeneres breaks a leg at the Oscars! Of course fans use this phrase to offer good luck. If she does break her leg on stage it would be a first for an Academy Award moment but it might really hurt!

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