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Ellen DeGeneres prepares Matt Bomer for a return role on 'Magic Mike 2'

Matt Bomer's recent appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" turned into a costume fitting as Ellen DeGeneres teased Bomer with stripper wear suggestions for the highly anticipated "Magic Mike" sequel. In return Bomer teased DeGeneres and viewers with details about the movie. In the interview that aired on Friday, Bomer said production for the movie will be starting this fall.

Actor Matt Bomer attends the Variety Studio powered by Samsung Galaxy at Palihouse on May 29, 2014 in West Hollywood, California
(Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Variety)

Bomer, who is earning raves for his performance as Felix Turner in the HBO drama "The Normal Heart," showed a lighter side in the interview as he joked back and forth with Ellen about "Magic Mike 2." The 36-year-old actor who was a part of the original cast shared some details about the sequel. He told DeGeneres, "My understanding is it's gonna start this fall. And I think Channing [Tatum] announced recently that it's kind of a road-trip film that leads to a stripper convention, which really exists! It's real-live thing."

Sounds like it will be more of a bonding type movie between all the strippers involved. Bomer gave futher details saying, "Only the best of the best make it. It's a strip-off to the death. It is a stripper convention - I can imagine if you lock those doors, things can get a little rowdy."

Bomer did not reveal whether he will be onboard for the sequel. With his busy acting schedule and his real life role as a husband and father of three children, the "White Collar" actor wants to spend time with his family, but had no problem giving DeGeneres and viewers a peek of his "Magic Mike" moves as he showed off some of the stripper gear DeGeneres teased him with.

Stripping gear wasn't the only thing DeGeneres helped Bomer out with. The talk show host also helped "The Normal Heart" star set up a Twitter account live on the show. Bomer's first Tweet was a selfie of the two holding a sign of his new Twitter handle. The tweet simply said, "First tweet-thank you Ellen! @TheEllenShow."

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