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2014 Winter Olympics

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Ellen DeGeneres offers Bob Costas a solution to covering Sochi Olympics (video)

Bob Costas has pink eye in both eyes and once again can’t cover the NBC evening Olympics sports desk on Wednesday night. While Matt Lauer has graciously stepped in, there have been a few suggestions on what can be done to help out the ill sportscaster. On Wednesday Ellen DeGeneres offered up a solution that had Olympic fans laughing on The Ellen Show.

“I had an idea to help Bob Costas over there in Russia. They're on the way. I hope you're feeling better!” tweeted Ellen DeGeneres from her official Twitter account on Wednesday.

So what is this solution for Bob Costas' eye problem?

Ellen DeGeneres made a special pair of glasses. Instead of clear glass, there were pictures of Bob Costas’ eyes looking normal glued to the frames. The talk show host even put on the glasses to show fans that this solution really is plausible. After sharing the glasses, the host popped the envelope into a manila envelope addressed to Bob Costas and told everyone that she would send it in the mail to Russia. The Winter Games post office had better be watching for the package!

Believe it or not, Ellen has even had an eye problem in the past and had to be on air for her show anyway. It’s unpleasant and tough because the camera enhances issues. A television studio definitely isn't a friend when it comes to eye problems as the intense spotlight offers to much brightness for sensitive eyes.

Take a look at the video clip of Ellen DeGeneres revealing Bob Costas special his glasses. And don’t forget to watch the classic joke at the end of the clip. It’s dedicated to Bob Costas!

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