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Oscar pizza guy: Who was the pizza delivery guy at the Oscars 2014?

The Oscar pizza guy who got to hand out pizza to celebrities like Julia Roberts and Harrison Ford was Edgar Martirosyan. "They told me I'm gonna just deliver for writers. And then when I was there, they just told me, 'Wait here.' And then you came out," Martirosyan told Ellen DeGeneres on Monday. "You said, 'Just follow me.' And we're going, and I'm on a stage. I was just shocked." As reported by MSN Entertainment on March 3, 2014, Edgar Martirosyan, aka the Oscar pizza guy, co-owns the Big Mama's and Papa's pizza joint with his brother and "was just a pawn in DeGeneres' joke that ran throughout the show."

Harrison Ford is hungry

During the Academy Awards 2014, Ellen DeGeneres met the Oscar pizza guy in a backstage hallway to check out the boxes of pizza.

"Is it hot?" Ellen DeGeneres could be seen during the live show asking Edgar Martirosyan. After assuring the host that the pizzas were hot, Ellen DeGeneres asked “what kind we got here?" Cheese and veggie with no cheese, he told her.”

With the words, “I lied. We weren't going backstage," the Oscars host led the pizza delivery guy onto the Oscar stage and down the stairs right into the Oscars audience.

“Who is your favorite movie star?” Ellen DeGeneres asked the Oscar pizza delivery guy while handing out pizza to the celebrities. “They are all here.”

Chiwetel Ejiofor, whose “12 Years a Slave” won for Best Picture, ended up with an entire box of pizza. Brad Pitt passed out plates and napkins to the crowd. Kevin Spacey took pizza to hand out in the cheaper seats. Julia Roberts shouted that she wanted cheese. Meryl Streep, who like Harrison Ford cared little about her white dress and any stains but about being hungry, enjoyed the pizza and so did Jennifer Lawrence.

Watching Harrison Ford and Meryl Streep enjoying their pizza made it quite evident that the whole pizza scene was not a performance but a real thing. Harrison Ford smelling the pizza, moving his head in the typical “why not” movement, and taking a bite out of a slice of pizza with gusto made it all too clear, celebrity or not – when you’re hungry, you’re hungry.

Since Ellen DeGeneres didn't have any money on her for a tip, the host collected the money from the celebrities.

“When it came time for a tip, Ellen called out Sandra Bullock to pony up, but she didn't have any money on her. So obviously it was someone else's responsibility to take out their wallet. ‘Where's Harvey Weinstein?’ Ellen asked the crowd. When she located him, she reminded him that there was ‘only a billion people watching’ so give 'whatever you think is right’ for a tip.”

All in all, the Oscar pizza guy received the $600 in tips that Ellen DeGeneres had collected from Hollywood's A-listers, and being the wonderful host that she is, she chipped in an extra $400 from her own pocket making it an even tip of $1,000 for Edgar Martirosyan. In regard to having met Julia Roberts in person, he said "she was, like, my woman in dreams. I was always watching her movies back in Moscow, so it was something crazy to me."

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