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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi divorce rumored

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres

The rumors about an impending divorce in the relationship between Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi continue. These rumors continue in spite of the high-profile homosexual couple’s denial that there is trouble inside their relationship, according to ABC News on Sunday. Specifically, earlier in 2014, DeGeneres asserted publicly that the rumors about their relationship failing were not true. Yet, recent gossip reports state otherwise.

Regarding the couple, who has been married for the past six years as they were married in 2008, there are fresh reports that allege there is trouble between DeGeneres and de Rossi. The trouble, according to an Inquisitr report states that the trouble involves intense jealousy. Supposedly de Rossi is jealous of DeGeneres’ relationship with Sofia Vergara. DeGeneres’ relationship with Vergara is reportedly a close one.

Vergara has become a frequent guest on Ellen’s popular daytime talk show. According to a published report in OK! Magazine, the already-strong friendship between Vergara and DeGeneres has become even stronger since Vergara ended her engagement to Nick Loeb, a businessman. It has been said that de Rossi was always resentful of DeGeneres strong friendship with Vergara, but now that Sofia is depending on DeGeneres for support during her difficult time, de Rossi has become more jealous.

Sofia Vergara is a Colombian actress who is also a television hostess and model. She became well-known for having co-hosted two television shows some 15 years or so ago. The programs were on Univision, a Spanish language television network. She most notably began her English–speaking career in 2003 when she performed in the 2003 motion picture “Chasing Papi.” Her English-speaking roles have continued right through 2013 with movies such as “Machete Kills.” On television, of course, she is on the ABC hit series "Modern Family."

Beyond the troubles over Vergara, it is reported that DeGeneres and de Rossi have other differences at this time. According to the report, the fights the two have been having include – but are not limited to – DeGeneres being controlling in the relationship. Also, it is reported that de Rossi wants to have a baby when DeGeneres is not keen on the idea of them having a child.

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