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Ellacoya Country Store has haunting visitors

Ellacoya Country Store located in Gillford New Hampshire just might have more customers than they realize. While attending the store during a "quiet" stretch, Heidi Boyd an employee of Ellacoya Country Store tells us there has been more than one occasion of paranormal activity in the store.

Steve Buzzota, the store's owner also tells us people have "felt their shoulder pulled" and he has heard the sound of "someone coming up the stairs when he's alone in the store". The latest "show" of unseen forces has caused a great stir for the store. According to store surveillance tapes and employee Heidi Boyd, a glass tray had slid across the counter and smashed to floor on it's own.

Boyd had just left the room when she heard a loud crash or as she puts it "I heard this big bang," When she investigated, she found the glass tray smashed on the floor on the other side of the counter, while no one was in the room. "I walked around and looked and it was on the floor. It took several minutes to set in [and it's] still freaking me out."

As she told the Huffington Post, "Anyone who's been here a substantial amount of time has seen something," "When we first opened the place, we saw the ghost of a man standing in the doorway." Manager Lisa Giles has reported that one employer has even heard a man whistling in the store while alone.

Not everyone will feel, see or hear the affects of haunted location, but a lot of people do and for some reason the spirits know this and will pick out who to show themselves to. There will be many doubting Thomas-es out there but no matter what something definitely happened in that store of the paranormal realm.

When a location has someone or something attached to it only takes one thing to set off the activity. It can be quiet for eons until the right person or persons come along to waken it. Whatever or whoever is causing the haunts, they obviously are having a great time!

While watching this video around the 50 second mark is when the glass dish flies. You decide is it paranormal or personal?

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