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Ella Eranthis! The Beautiful Gypsy

Ella Eranthis, pretty soon this should be a household name. It is true, this little firecracker is lighting up the world with her quirky charm and is soon to be internet sensation. She lives the life that many dream of, always moving around and enjoying the beauty of the world. She is our modern gypsy, our free spirited angel, she is Ella Eranthis. I found Ella on the net and realized that I just had to get to know her. She has this magnetic personality that makes you want to learn more. This is just what I did, I sat down and learned that this woman’s outer beauty is only rivaled by her inner light.

Sherrie: So, When did you first start filming on You tube and how long did it take until people started to notice your work?

Ella: I uploaded my first video about three years ago. At the beginning no one was watching. My second channel was about paranormal subjects and dreams. I had a few truly interested subscribers. Then I changed it to a travel topic and now my audience is growing daily. I am beginning to experience real following ! I am so happy with the travel topic because this is actually who I am - I am all about travel. So it took three years and it is only beginning... It is has been a long time; but it is my passion and I would make these videos anyway, even for one subscriber. However, I am lucky people started to watch these videos now.

Sherrie: What sparked the desire to travel within your spirit?

Ella: I think I was born this way because I don't remember when I did not have this desire to travel. My first trip took place when I was literally an infant - my parents took me along for a road trip around Europe. The way my channel started is: I rented this really bad apartment in Venice Beach - it was a lot of money for the rent It was an apartment where people smoked a lot and it all made me feel unwell.The way the building was designed made the smoke travel to my apartment through the complicated ventilation system. I could not sleep. Started taking trips just to leave this place and eventually decided that I would give up the apartment and travel full time. That is what am doing now - this gypsy lifestyle.

Sherrie: Do you like to travel alone?

Ella: Yes - I love it! I feel free and able to focus on the sights. The only way that I could travel with someone else is if they understood my need to film many sights at a great number of places. I am a YouTube obsessed Vlogger.

Sherrie: I see that you have visited Memphis before. What did you like most about this city?

Ella: There is a magical quality to Memphis, the art, the music and I love it all! Beale Street is beautiful and the food there is delicious. To be honest I cannot pinpoint exactly what is it that I love about Memphis but I was very happy there and did not want to leave when it was time for me to travel further.

Sherrie: So, let’s talk about fashion? I see that you really love Burlesque…are there any other favorite styles that you have?

Ella: Fashion is Art! I like to mix styles from the 70s and the 60s, the Burlesque tops and bright skirts. I also love glittery jewelry. I love to buy at least one thing from every place that I visit. I don’t always keep the clothing for very long and I generally buy things at the thrift stores or on sale.

Sherrie: What is your favorite music?

Ella: There are just too many artists to mention. I like loud energetic club, trance and dance music. I also really like classical especially, Beethoven. I listen to a lot of Elvis Presley, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Julio Iglesias- actually, these are on my iPod, always. Music is very important to me. This is how I start my day. I put on my headphones and go out for a walk to a local coffee shop. If I had no music and no local coffee shop within walking distance, it would be difficult to start a day...happened to me a few times in life and the effect was - not a very good day. I am dependent on these.

Sherrie: Which location is the most beautiful place you've ever seen?

Ella: Is difficult to pick just one because what I love the most is diversity that travel provides and in some way the most beautiful is entire Earth and all countries and cities combined in no particular order...But if i had to chose one would be Big Sur and this one little place there by the blue/green ocean with bright pink and blue wild flowers and little bunny rabbits and butterflies...I thought i was dreaming.

Sherrie: So, how about a few fun questions! What is in your fridge?

Ella: Nothing ever, I do not own a refrigerator but when I did, I never used it.

Sherrie: So tell me, are you usually late, early or right on time?

Ella: I am always late! I am a terrible time keeper.

Sherrie: So, if you ever need advice, who do you turn to?

Ella: I have always done my own research through the internet or I buy books on certain subjects and just use basic intuition. As I grew up, I became very independent and never really relied on anyone for help.

Sherrie: What is your usual breakfast?

Ella: Cup of black coffee and a glass of water. Sometimes I might have a fruit salad. Usually my first meal is lunch.

Sherrie: What do you like to do on a rainy day?

Ella: I truly love rain as much as sunshine. I like to go out and see the empty streets. The air feels so clean when it rains.

Sherrie: Do you like surprises?

Ella: I love to open a gift when I have no clue what is inside. I was even addicted to Gumball Machines. You put a coin in and you never knew what you would get in those little bubble boxes. The treats weren’t always so great, but they were fun surprises. I loved that!

Sherrie: Do you think that you need money to be happy?

Ella: Yes I do. Money alone, does not bring happiness but is very important in getting to a place where you can find happiness. I also believe in the law of attraction. If you admit that you love money, it naturally flows to you. One day I would like to have enough money to help fight pollution in the oceans. If I could help the dolphins, that would make me truly happy.

Sherrie: How do successful people differ from unsuccessful ones?

Ella: The biggest difference between the two is how they perceive life. Unsuccessful people may say "I can't do it" and successful people ask the question: "How can I do it?"

Sherrie: When the electricity goes out in your home, what’s the first thing you miss?

Ella: The Internet !

Sherrie: If you had to live in a permanent location, where would it be?

Ella: I like the city and I like the warm weather. I might pick Los Angeles or New Orleans.

Sherrie: Are you living the perfect life? What are your plans for the future?

Ella: I follow my dream. This path is full of difficulties but I feel that because I follow a dream it is perfect. But I try not to plan much for the future in this life because there are all these beautiful things around the corner and I might miss them then ...

Sherrie: Thank you so very much for taking the time to tell me about your adventures. I wish you well and hope that you continue to be the beautiful gypsy that you are! You are a breath of fresh air!

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