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Elkhart shooting: 2 women and gunman killed in grocery store shooting

A gunman is dead after shooting and killing two women in an Indiana grocery store on Wednesday night. The gunman, who was thought to be in his mid-twenties, walked into Elkhart Martins Supermarket and shot a woman on staff at the store and another woman who was just doing her shopping, according to USA Today on Jan. 16.

Elkhart shooting: Grocery store shooting leaves 3 dead including the gunman.
Getty Images

The gunman shot the women at either ends of the store, so it is not known if they were targeted or random. One of the dead women was 20-years old and and an employee of the grocery store. The other woman was 44 and in the store doing some shopping. Police came across the gunman with his weapon pointed at a third person, who may have been the third victim if not for the quick thinking of the police department.

When the officer pointed the gun at the shooter, he turned the gun on the cop and was shot. This was a “huge crime scene” said Indiana State Police Sgt. Trent Smith. The victims were found “10 to 12 aisles apart. According to USA Today, there are very little details coming out of this small town shooting today.

Police got the call at about 10 p.m. Wednesday night and rushed to the scene in time to stop the unnamed gunman from possibly killing a third victim he had the gun pointed at.

The gunman carried a semiautomatic handgun and a knife, which was quite large. The names of the victims or the gunman have not been released yet. Police do not know the motive for this crime as of yet.

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