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Elizabethtown neighbor admits to wrapping razor blade in meat killing dog

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An Elizabethtown, Kentucky man allegedly admitted to wrapping a razor blade and small nails in slabs of meat and throwing them into his neighbor's yard because the barking of the dogs bothered him reported Wave3News.

On July 16, James Stotts, the owner a 14-year-old beagle named Nibbles, discovered their dog extremely sick for a few days; the dog wouldn't eat or drink and seemed to be suffering. When they took Nibbles to the vet, the dog suffered from a large blockage. Unable to afford the more than $600 required for surgery, the family had to have their dog humanely euthanized.

That same day, Stotts pulled something out of another one of his dog's mouth. When Stotts reached into the dog's mouth to remove the unknown substance, he found a small piece of a razor blade. Upon searching the yard, the family picked up two more pieces of the meat; one had another piece of a razor blade and the other piece contained small nails.

The family called the police who interviewed their next door neighbor, Robert Hamme, 60, who has allegedly admitted to carrying out the heinous deed.

According to, Nibbles was cremated so it is impossible to ascertain the exact cause of his death. The Stotts have a two-year-old grandson who frequently plays in the yard and called this an evil act.

Hamme has been charged with two counts of animal torture; one a Class A misdemeanor for physical injury and the other a Class D felony for the death of the dog.

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