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Elizabeth Vargas checks back into rehab for alcohol addiction

Elizabeth Vargas
Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images

ABC anchor Elizabeth Vargas announced that she has checked back into a rehabilitation center for her alcohol addiction. On Sunday, Vargas emailed a statement that she has checked herself into a rehabilitation center while on Vacation in California. According to MSN, Vargas said, "As so many other recovering alcoholics know, overcoming the disease can be a long and incredibly difficult process. "I feel I have let myself, my co-workers and most importantly my family down and for that I am ashamed and sorry."

This was a shock to many. Vargas posted on her Twitter page on August 9th. She wrote " Going on vacation tomorrow with my boys - so excited! Need a good beach read. Any suggestions?" Why she decided to check into the center while on vacation is unknown.

Vargas has been battling her alcohol addiction for many years. She has also shared that she has severe anxiety issues as well. She has suffered from panic attacks since she was a young child. She deals with her daily anxiety by drinking alcohol.

In an interview with fellow ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos in January, Vargas opened up about her addiction and told her whole story. She felt relieved for her secret to be out. She felt like all of her energy was being used to keep the secret from friends and family. Stephanopoulos was shocked by her addiction. He has anchored beside her for many years and said that he never knew.

Vargas spent two weeks in a rehabilitation center last Fall. The matters were made worse when Vargas found out that her husband Marc Cohn had cheated on her while she was away at the rehabilitation center. The couple is rumored to be going through a divorce. They have two young children.

She has a very strong support system. Her friends at ABC are just wanting Vargas to get well. They support her wholeheartedly. Fans are standing behind her and wishing her the best. ABC News has said that they will stand behind her and she can come back when she is ready and healthy.

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